Friday, May 31, 2013


I am 31 today.

So, even though it's only been a few days since my last post, I thought I'd throw a few words out. Just because it's my birthday.

So far, 31 feels just as good as 30 did (yesterday). Ten years ago, there was a bit more excitement surrounding my birthday... There was also a bit more alcohol... While 21 may have been more obvious excitement, my enthusiasm still hasn't wavered. This year, I'm just excited about different things. My grandmother (or "Nan" as she's known around here) flew out here on Monday, and she's staying at my family's house (just down the road) for a few weeks. Growing up, I spent many weekends with my Nan, and we always had the best time. She's warm and kind, and a little wild. Also, she can crochet like the wind! These days we have just as much fun as we did then... We just sit down more.

Tonight we're going for dinner at a little Italian restaurant that my family has loved for the past 20 years; Vincent's. They've catered many parties for my family, and my father used to fly 2500 miles smelling like an entire field of garlic, so I could enjoy my favorite sausage and cheese bread when I lived in California. It's no surprise that I'm pretty serious about food. Mmmm....

What am I knitting on my birthday, you ask? Well, I'm working on my first second sock (that's right, the SECOND SOCK!) since the first first one is done, except for the kitchener. I've only grafted a few times before, and I'm still a little iffy, so I may ask for a little help at Natural Stitches tomorrow. As it turns out, I'm really loving sock knitting! My favorite part is the portability, and the different pattern components. Once you're bored with one section, you're on to the next! Here's a quick pic of my progress on sock two.

Speaking of socks, I'm using the Addi Turbo Sock Rockets to magic-loop this pair. If you haven't tried these needles yet, I would totally recommend it. So much so, that I wrote a review for the latest Natural Stitches Newsletter, which came out today! Check it out!

Okay, before I finish I do have something to confess... Last time I posted, I mentioned a new hat that was on my needles. Well, said hat is no longer on my needles. As it turns out, I wasn't compatible with the yarn. He just wasn't that into me. After a good bit of work, and a quick shot of bourbon, I frogged the entire hat the other day. This yarn just wasn't for me. Needless to say, I'll be looking for a good home for this yarn, as we are really not doing well together.

It's like Taylor Swift says...

PS - Check out the blue wallpaper in that video!


  1. Happy Birthday! it's your "magic" birthday, isn't it?

    I'm just a bit envious of the time you can spend with your grandmother and her needlework.

    Sounds like you're having a grand time, so by all means, carry on and be merry!

  2. i am soooo sad your hat didn't work out. i was uber excited about that yarn and that hat... xoxoox could you use the yarn for something else ?? it IS madtosh, afterall!

    also, happy HAPPY birthday! hurrah for sock knitting, and hurrah for a birthday with no hangover in the morning. haha. i do love the 30's :) cheers from your neighbour up north. xo


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