Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today I finished a project.

Well, I bound off, at least.

And I wove in the ends.

And washed the project in soak.

And pinned it out on my blocking mats.

So, I guess I'm done.

The Geysir Stretch shawl is the first pattern that was released in the ChoreoKAL eBook by Stephen West. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this project. The pattern, once you got going, was fairly instinctual, as Stephen's shawls usually are. This made it great TV/movie/podcast-watching knitting. I probably would've finished earlier, but Thanksgiving (and the preparations for it) cut down on my usual knitting time. In any event, the shawl is done. Wet, but done.

Now I just need to wait for the temperature to drop a few more degrees so I can wear it. Not that I'm wishing for snow, but if the temperature drops below freezing and it doesn't snow, I always feel a little slighted. Like I should get a few snowflakes as a reward for surviving in this climate. Or something.

I believe I'll be casting on a Christmas gift next, so I can't really talk about it too much here. I can tell you, though, that I've knit this item before. Is anyone else knitting any Christmas gifts at the moment? I think most of us (knitters) probably are.


  1. Yup, Christmas gift knitting. And birthday gift for next week. Tonight I'm switching between knitting my one sister a pair of sandal socks and a pair of mittens for my other sister.

    1. That sounds great! I still have one Christmas gift left to knit, but it shouldn't take too long. It does seem, though, that I keep knitting on the same sockhead hat...

    2. Just one? That can't be right. I've learned to keep my list short, but as I progress through the list, new items keep being added to the end. I'm currently adding a Christmas stocking to the pile...

    3. Haha! That happened to me little bit last year, so this year I started my Christmas knitting in June. Neurotic? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.


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