Sunday, November 25, 2012


Egg Nog.

Can we all pause for just a moment and celebrate the absolute bliss that is Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog? Trust me on this one. You WILL NOT be sorry. Well, you might be sorry, but that's only if you don't really care for egg nog. If that's the case, I would recommend that you steer clear of this and any other nogs you may come across. While this particular egg nog is absolutely fabulous, it is still egg nog. It tastes like a glass (or mug, ahem) of holiday cheer. Egg Nog Season is one of my very favorite seasons, along with Sangria Season and Shamrock Shake Season. Oooh Shamrock Shakes...

Whilst sipping on my egg nog, just one mug of course, I have also been knitting on my Geysir Stretch shawl. I'm very happy to be working on the border of this awesome shawl, but these rows are getting quite loooong. I'm hoping to be finished with this project by the end of this month, which I think is a reasonable goal. I have 10 border repeats left, and those repeats are taking me about 40 minutes to complete at this point. As long as I put in roughly an hour of knitting each day (not hard for me to do), I should be finished by next weekend. Well, end of November, beginning of December... tomato, tomato... I guess you have to hear this for it to make sense... potato, potato.

Here's a picture of the progress so far... kind of. I guess it's really to see the colors together rather than the shape of the shawl at this point.

I really love how the colors look together, and I'm still excited that I knit this entirely from my stash. My yarn stash, as I write this post, is now at 47. My personal goal is to get my stash below 30 by February (which is when I'm flying out to California for STITCHES WEST!!!) so that I don't feel bad about all the yarn I'm sure to purchase there.

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